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Scrap Aluminum Plastic Medicine Board

Waste aluminum-plastic medical boards can be seen everywhere in our lives. According to the survey, 100 million tons of waste medical boards are generated each year. This is a big number. If these waste aluminum-plastic medical boards are not properly disposed of, it will be harmful to the environment. Some pollution.

The traditional treatment of waste aluminum-plastic medical boards is mostly direct burying or direct open incineration. Although these treatment methods effectively solve the piling of these waste aluminum-plastic medical boards, some environmental pollution will occur during the process of burial and incineration. Especially the dioxins produced during the incineration process will cause great harm to human health.

It is a better treatment method for waste aluminum-plastic medicine board. Aluminum-plastic medicine board contains 20% aluminum and 80% plastic. These aluminum-plastics can be recycled and reused. If the waste is disposed of by landfill and incineration Aluminium-plastic medicine, while endangering the environment, is also a waste of resources.

At present, recycling and reusing is the method of choice for most people. The earlier recycling method used chemical agent separation method, which is to add some chemical solvents to water to remove the aluminum in the waste aluminum-plastic medicine board. It is separated from plastics through chemical reactions. Although this method can achieve the purpose of resource recycling, the waste water pollution produced is also not easy to take, and the input cost is relatively high, and the sorting effect is not very good.

In recent years, the aluminum-plastic separator is the method that most people choose to dispose of the waste aluminum-plastic medicine board for recycling.

Aluminum-plastic waste recycling system is processed according to the physical properties of the material. The process adopts a new dry physical separation technology. The aluminum and plastic in the aluminum-plastic drug plate are extracted through crushing, grinding, and sorting. The extraction purity can be up to 99%, our aluminum-plastic waste recycling system is equipped with a circulating water cooling device during the grinding process, which can make the material sorted well. The aluminum and plastic extracted by the aluminum-plastic drug plate separator can be directly sold for processing and then use.

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