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Mixed Plastic Color Sorting Machine

Mixed plastic color sorting machine(plastic color sorter) is used to work on various kinds of recycled plastics, including colorful PE bottle caps, PET bottle flakes, ABS crushing material, PP milk bottle flakes, transparent organic glass and a variety of other colorful mixed plastics.

Capacity: customized

Application: mixed plastics sorting, mixed plastics recycling


Mixed Plastic Sorting Machine, also called plastic color sorter, is designed for fresh plastic and recycled plastic sorting. It is not only used to sort granulated plastics but also to handle larger objects, such as PET Flakes.

It quickly removes impurities from plastic mixtures and classifies plastics by type and color. For example, it can pick out blue PET Flakes from a crushed PET bottle. The machine can also:

Remove Metal, Paper, Dust and other impurities from the plastic mixture;
Separate solid plastic from transparent Plastics;
Classify all types of plastic including PVC, PET, HDPE, LDPE, and PP.

The machines use a vibrating feeder system to evenly distribute plastic on a conveyor, which carries it at a fixed speed to ensure it falls through the observation point along a fixed trajectory. In mid-flight, detection cameras relying on LED lights capture images of the material. Air nozzles eject those colors that are targeted for removal from the stream.


Optical sorting for mixed color material.
Ideal for removing contamination and increasing recycling plastics value.
Ability to programme and sort multi colors.
High frequency ejection system for extreme accuracy.
Affordable price for plastic processors.


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