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Waste Air Conditioner Radiator

The material composition of the air conditioner radiator is mainly copper and aluminum with a small amount of iron and impurities, so the recycling value of the air conditioner radiator is very high. According to the different proportions of copper content, the industry is also subdivided into hanging two-chips, hanging single-chips and cabinet chips. Among them, the hanging type double chip recycling price is the highest, followed by the hanging type single chip, and finally the cabinet machine. The recycling price is mainly determined by the proportion of copper content in it.

According to industry statistics, one ton of heat dissipation nets can produce 42% copper, 50% aluminum, and 8% iron and impurities.

Air radiator recovery method:

1. AC Radiator Copper Pipe Separator: before using this machine, you need to cut the clean radiator neatly into 30-40cm wide, and then put into the material inlet, within seconds copper pipes and aluminum fin will be discharged separately. Copper pipe will keep complete, while aluminium fin will be a little broken for one-row radiator and keep complete for two-row radiator. The machine proves itself to be the best choice for scrap radiator recycling.

2. Copper and aluminum radiator crushing and sorting production line: this production system can be used to deal with copper and aluminum water tanks, air-conditioning radiators, car water tanks, rotors, motor shells and other scrap metals are widely used in a wide range of models with production capacities ranging from several tons to dozens of tons. The process flow of the production line is to recover copper, iron, and aluminum in the radiator through the combined application of a series of equipment such as shredders, vertical crushers, magnetic separators, air separators, and specific gravity separators. Put the radiator into the shredder, the shredded material is separated into iron by the magnetic separator, and then the remaining material enters the shredding system, and the shredded material passes through the sorting system to separate copper and aluminum. The equipment is equipped with covered dust removal equipment, and the entire recycling process is clean and pollution-free. The separation rate of copper>98%, the separation rate of iron>99%, and the separation rate of aluminum>98%.

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