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Electrical construction material, including the types of wires and cables used in your home wiring, make up a huge part of the waste we offload on our planet. But it’s important to keep electrical wires and cables out of the trash – they contain a combination of valuable resources that should be recycled, as well as plastic coatings that are harmful to the environment.

The plastic coating on the wires and cables is commonly made of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride. If dumped in the trash, these plastics won’t just break down harmlessly in the landfill. When exposed to extreme heat and other environmental conditions the plastic coating can release harmful contaminants like lead and dioxins into the environment.

Electrical wires and cables contain valuable materials such as copper and aluminum, which are highly recyclable. According to estimates, the copper in the cable accounts for 90% of the cost. Therefore, recycling waste wires can not only reduce environmental pollution and save resources, but also bring considerable economic returns.

Traditional cable recycling methods such as manual peeling method and incineration method usually require a lot of labor costs, and incineration can cause serious pollution to the environment, which has been banned in many countries. Therefore, most waste wire recycling plants usually use mechanical peeling or mechanical shredding to recycle waste cables and wires.

As a professional manufacturer of e waste recycling machine, our wire stripping machine and copper wire granulator is widely praised by customers. The following is introduction of our waste cable wire recycling machine.

Cable stripping machine: also called peeling machine, is a semi-mechanized equipment that requires a manual labor. This method is only suitable for some single-strand square wires and cable wires. If we recycle raw materials such as automobile wires, home wires, network wires, and electronic wires, it is not suitable to use wire strippers. However, due to the relatively high price/performance ratio, it is a good choice for small cable recycling plants.

Waste cable granulator: it recovers metal by crushing and sorting scrap copper wires, and it has a wide range of applications. Copper wire granulator significantly improves the efficiency of the recycling of waste wires, ensuring that there is no copper in the plastic, and the purity of the metal can reach more than 99%.

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