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Copper Aluminum Radiator Recycling Machine Installed at France

In June of 2021. Our company has reached a contract with a customer from France for a 500kg/h copper-aluminum separator for air conditioner radiator.

The 500kg/h copper-aluminum radiator recovery machine was delivered in June 2021 and is now installed and running in the customer's workshop in France. This is a medium-sized copper-aluminium radiator recycling machine, which can process 500 kg of waste air conditioning radiators per hour. The equipment can be used to crush the waste radiator into small pieces, and separate the copper and aluminum particles for recycling. The customer contacted us on Facebook, a social networking platform operated by our company, and learned about our products on Facebook. The factory operated by the customer is mainly recycling waste radiators. After preparing the production workshop and workers, he sent his agent in China to order machines from us in June 2021. Our company is very happy to cooperate with this French customer.


The copper-aluminum separator is used to separate aluminum, copper and iron from waste radiators and air conditioners. Air conditioner radiator copper aluminum separator is a low investment high profit project, environmental protection project. Suitable for recycling all kinds of waste radiators, such as car radiator, air conditioner radiator, radiator (copper aluminum water tank) or any deformed radiator and electronic rotor.


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