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Double shafts shredder of copper aluminum radiator recycling Machine

A few months ago, our company suddenly received a phone call from Singapore, who wanted to inquire about the product copper and aluminum radiator separator. This customer from Singapore is the manager of a big recycling factory. His materials are some copper and aluminum radiator. We then sent him the product catalogue of our company for his further understanding. This is a medium-sized copper-aluminum radiator recycling machine, can process 500 kg of waste radiators per hour. The equipment can be used to crush the waste radiator into small pieces, and separate the copper and aluminum particles for recycling.

Our scale copper and aluminum radiator separator working perfectly in Singapore now, the capacity of this Large scale copper and aluminum water tank separator is 500kg/h. 

Our client is a purchasing manager in their group, his group is the biggest recycling company in Singapore, they have many different lines for different raw materials. Most of their equipment are from China, and our client has a very rich experience in purchasing many kinds of machines, including the copper and aluminum water tank separator. 

He wanted to find an experienced manufacturer as their supplier, according to him, so he inspected more than 4 supplier in China, and choose Sure Origin Group as their supplier finally. Because we started our company in 2002, and we have a professional installing team for our clients.

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