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2T/H PCB Boards Recycling Machine Delivered To Brazil Client

In October 2022, our company suddenly received a call from a commercial caller who wanted to inquire about the recycling of electronic components. After preliminary understanding, it turned out that this customer was from Brazil, and his materials were some electronic components, circuit boards, etc. We then sent him the product catalog of our company for his further understanding. During this period, our salesman kept good communication with him. If there are any questions, we will answer them immediately. Later, the customer told us that he wanted a video to test the effect of the machine, and he sent the material from Brazil. After receiving the material, we immediately released the video of the trial process to him. 

The customer was very satisfied with our machine and wanted to order one as soon as possible. The PCB dismantling and recycling machine consists of two parts. One is a PCB disassembler, which removes electronic components from a PCB board. The other is the PCB recycling line, which pulverizes the PCB board to separate the copper metal from the resin fiber. Now the customer has received the goods and successfully picked them up. The customer said that our machine is excellent and we will continue to maintain long-term cooperation in the future.


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