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200-300kg/h Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine: A Success Story in Egypt

In a successful business endeavor, our company recently sealed a deal with a customer from Egypt for the purchase of a cutting-edge aluminum plastic separation machine. This remarkable device has a processing capacity of 200-300 kilograms per hour, making it an ideal solution for recycling various aluminum-plastic composite materials, including medical blister bags, aluminum-plastic composite plates, and packaging.

Our aluminum-plastic separator employs a state-of-the-art dry physical separation technology, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly process. This means that no wastewater, chemicals, or pollution are generated during the separation process. It is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative solutions that prioritize both efficiency and sustainability.

The Egyptian customer initially discovered our company through product videos available on our YouTube channel. Upon viewing the videos, the customer recognized the compatibility of our aluminum plastic separator with their specific requirements. Intrigued, the customer reached out to our company via phone to learn more about our offerings. During the conversation, the customer explained that their primary materials consisted of old aluminum-plastic medicine boards.

Through thorough communication and understanding of the customer's needs, our knowledgeable sales representative recommended the aluminum-plastic separator with a processing capacity of 200-300kg per hour. This particular model excels at separating aluminum powder and plastic powder from aluminum-plastic composite boards and medical packaging. The separated aluminum powder can be sold directly to aluminum recycling plants and fireworks factories, while the PVC powder can be marketed as a valuable reprocessed material.

The purchase of the aluminum-plastic separation machine was completed several months ago, marking a significant step forward in Egypt's recycling industry. The machine was successfully shipped from our facilities in China to the customer's factory in Egypt. After a meticulous installation process that took over a month, the aluminum plastic separator was fully operational, providing the customer with a reliable and efficient solution for their recycling needs.


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