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300kg/h Copper Aluminum Radiator Recycling Machine Successfully Installed in France

We are thrilled to announce that in April 2023, we successfully delivered and installed a high-quality 300kg/h copper-aluminum radiator recovery machine at our customer's workshop in France. This compact yet efficient radiator recycling machine is specifically designed to process up to 300 kg of waste radiators per hour. Its capabilities extend to handling various types of large radiators, including AC copper and aluminum radiators, car water tanks, and other waste copper and aluminum materials.

Our radiator separator is the perfect solution for disassembling and separating copper and aluminum components from waste air conditioners, old radiators, and waste water tanks. The equipment excels in crushing waste radiators into small pieces and effectively separating copper and aluminum particles for further recycling. The customer discovered our products through our company's YouTube channel, which showcases our machinery in action. As the customer's workshop primarily focuses on recycling waste radiators, they made the decision to order our machines in April 2023, with the assistance of their representative in China. We are delighted to collaborate with this customer from France, and we are committed to providing them with top-quality equipment and outstanding service.

At our company, we take great pride in delivering state-of-the-art recycling machinery that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Our copper-aluminum radiator recycling machine is built to withstand demanding recycling operations while maintaining high efficiency and reliability. We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer comprehensive solutions tailored to their unique requirements.


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