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100-200kg/h PCB Dismantling and Recycling Machine Successfully Delivered to Denmark

We are delighted to share the news of our recent contract deal with a dealer from Denmark, who was referred to us by a mutual business partner. We extend our gratitude to our partner for recommending our products to their associate. Upon receiving the recommendation, we promptly provided our company's product catalogue for the dealer to explore. Throughout this process, our dedicated sales team maintained excellent communication with the dealer, addressing any queries and concerns promptly. Our sales representative worked closely with the dealer to develop a comprehensive solution tailored to their specific production requirements, budget, and material quantity. Ultimately, the dealer selected our excellent PCB recycling machine showcased below.


Shortly after finalizing the deal, the dealer expressed their interest in evaluating the machine's performance. They sent us PCB board materials from Denmark, and upon receiving the materials, we immediately commenced the trial process. We recorded the trial process and promptly shared the video with the dealer. We were thrilled to learn that the dealer was highly satisfied with the machine's performance and expressed their intent to place an order for five units at the earliest opportunity. Ultimately, the dealer selected our PCB recycler with a processing capacity of 100-200 kg per hour.

The PCB dismantling and recycling machine consists of two integral parts. The first component is the PCB disassembler, specifically designed to remove electronic components from PCB boards efficiently. The second component is the PCB recycling line, which pulverizes the PCB boards, effectively separating the valuable copper metal from the resin fiber.

At our company, we take immense pride in delivering cutting-edge machinery that exceeds customer expectations. Our PCB recycling machine is equipped with advanced features and technology to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide comprehensive solutions and exceptional after-sales service to our valued clients.


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