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Successful Testing and Shipment of Motor Dismantling Machine to Mexico

We are thrilled to announce that our Motor Dismantling Machine has undergone successful testing and has been shipped to our valued customer in Mexico. This cutting-edge machine was delivered in August 2021 and has been installed and integrated into our customer's workshops, marking a significant step forward in their waste motor recycling operations. The customer first learned about our product through our Facebook page, and we are delighted to have established this fruitful partnership.

Our customer operates a small recycling station that primarily focuses on recycling waste motors. With their workshop and workforce prepared, they sent their agent to China to place an order for our machines in August 2021. We are extremely pleased to collaborate with this Mexican customer, and we are confident that our Motor Dismantling Machine will greatly enhance their recycling capabilities.


The Motor Dismantling Machine is specifically designed for the disassembly of various types of motors. Its primary function is the efficient separation of copper and iron in the motor stator. The machine is particularly suitable for processing copper wires, including those found in motor stators, hydraulic tensile machines, and unqualified enameled wires from electric motor stators. It also enables the recovery and recycling of steel components. This versatility makes it an invaluable tool for specialized recycling facilities, especially those involved in the dismantling of motors for washing machines, air conditioner compressors, and various other applications.

The Motor Dismantling Machine boasts a range of advantages, including its well-thought-out design, user-friendly operation, and exceptional efficiency. We have customized this product specifically for our esteemed customer in Mexico, taking into account their unique requirements and waste motor recycling needs.


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