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Sure Origin Group's Motor Dismantling Recycling Machine Successfully Delivered to Client in the

We are excited to announce that our state-of-the-art motor dismantling recycling machine from Sure Origin Group was recently delivered to our esteemed client in the United States. This cutting-edge equipment is designed to efficiently separate the winding inside the motor from the silicon steel sheet, making it an essential tool for motor removal and recycling operations. Our motor dismantling recycling machine falls into two categories: the copper cutting machine and the copper wire drawing machine. Both machines utilize hydraulic principles to effectively extract copper wire from motor stators. Featuring a well-designed structure, user-friendly operation, and utmost safety, our equipment guarantees reliable performance. Moreover, it produces minimal noise, generates no dust pollution, and eliminates the need for wastewater discharge.


Before dispatching the machine to our American customer, we meticulously assemble and thoroughly test its performance, capturing trial operation videos to ensure that the machine is in optimal condition upon leaving our factory. Our commitment to prompt delivery, comprehensive warranty services, and a customer-centric sales team reflects our dedication to providing a remarkable shopping experience. With 17 years of expertise as a leading and professional manufacturer in rubber waste recycling and electronic waste recycling machines, Sure Origin Group takes pride in offering cutting-edge solutions that drive the recycling industry forward.


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