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E Waste Shredders

Applications for Sure Origin Electronic Waste Shredders include hard drives, printed circuit boards and motherboards, electronic components, cell phones, servers, printers, and much more.

Capacity: customized

Application: solid waste crushing and recycling


    E Waste Shredders to reduce material size by shearing, tearing, and squeezing. A E Waste Shredders is a machine that is used as a fine crusher and is generally used to process unprocessed raw materials or scraps to make them smaller in size. Widely used in waste plastics, waste rubber, waste tires, scrap cars, waste newspapers, waste books, wood, paint buckets, discarded home appliances (plastic shells, metal shells), used circuit boards (circuit boards), used cables and other Large volume of waste.

    Main structure of E Waste Shredders includes shaft, moving blades, fixed blades, reducer, motors, feeding hopper, discharge port, electric control cabinet,control panel,screen, roller, knives holder, ect.

What WEEE can we shred?

1. Large household appliances

e.g. fridges and washing machines

2. Small household appliances

e.g. toasters and vacuum cleaners

3. IT and telecommunications equipment

e.g. PCs, printers and telephones

4. Consumer goods

e.g. televisions and hi-fi equipment

5. Electrical and electronic tools

e.g. drills, lawnmowers and sewing machines

6. Toys, leisure and sports equipment

e.g. games consoles and running machines

7. Medical devices

e.g. cardiology equipment and analysers

8. Monitoring and control equipment

e.g. smoke detectors

9. Automatic dispensers

hot drinks vending machines

Our e-waste shredders are purposefully engineered to liberate the high-value recyclates within redundant equipment.

Unique Shredding Solutions

Our shredders reduce e-waste to a desired output size while minimizing dusting.  With a Sure Origin shredder, there’s no need for recirculating screens. Solids pass straight through the cutting chamber with a once-through shredding action, thereby maximizing throughput and reducing wear.

We offer a variety of unique solutions including shredding and conveying systems with smart controls for optimal processing, single as well as dual stage systems for primary as well as secondary fine shredding, clean operation for quick product changeover, a choice of unique cutter configurations, super-tough cutter alloys and more. We can also tailor our equipment to fit in your unique plant configuration.

Our shredders are known worldwide for their efficient, reliable and durable designs. When you choose Sure Origin, you are assured a robust and dependable shredder.







1. Heavy-duty construction and efficient performance are determined by the precisely processed combined frame made of extra-thick plates
2. Wide angle, hexagon prism of power slewing axis; large hopper with big caliber for feeding large material
3. It adopts PLC control system, automatic overload protection and auto reverse switch
4. The low rotation speed results in a particularly quiet shredding process with low levels of dust generation
5. It can be adjusted according to customer specific requirements for throughput volume, material to be processed, etc.

    Technical Parameters

                Model                Dimension                Power                Capacity                weight
                SY-EWS-600                2*1.2*1.6m                18.5kw                1000kg/h                2000kg
                SY-EWS-800                2.5*1.35*1.8m                18.5kw * 2                1000 ~ 2000kg/h                3800 ~ 4000kg
                SY-EWS-1000                3.3*1.9*2.2m                30kw * 2                3000kg/h                5200kg
                SY-EWS-1200                3.6*2*2.2m                37kw * 2                4000 ~ 5000kg/h                6400kg


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