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Sure Origin Group Delivers PCB Board Recycling Machine to French Client

The journey of this successful transaction began in February 2022 when Sure Origin Group received an inquiry message from a French customer via Facebook. The customer expressed interest in obtaining a list of products and prices related to electronic component recycling. Eager to assist, Sure Origin Group's sales manager engaged in a detailed discussion with the customer on WhatsApp, aiming to understand their specific requirements and budget.

After carefully analyzing the customer's production needs and material quantity, Sure Origin Group's sales team developed a tailored solution that aligned perfectly with the client's expectations. Ultimately, the customer decided to invest in Sure Origin Group's PCB recycling machine, which was deemed an ideal fit for their factory.

The PCB circuit board recycling machine offered by Sure Origin Group is designed to recycle a variety of electronic waste, including scrap circuit boards, computer motherboards, mobile phone motherboards, TV boards, and other PCB waste. The machine is equipped with a shredding system, milling system, sorting system, and dust removal system, all working in harmony to ensure efficient recycling processes.

The client, after careful consideration, opted for a large-scale PCB recycling machine capable of processing up to 1 ton of waste PCB boards per hour. This high-capacity machine utilizes various processes such as shredding, crushing, iron removal, air separation, and electrostatic separation to separate copper metal from resin fiber. Prior to delivery, the machine underwent rigorous field trials to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

More than a month after the client's order was placed, the PCB board recycling machine was successfully shipped from Qingdao port in China to the port in France, marking an important milestone in Sure Origin Group's commitment to delivering innovative recycling solutions worldwide. 


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