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A Electrostatic Separation type Copper Wire Recycling machine ship to Finland

In March 2022, an exciting partnership was formed between our company and a customer from Finland. The collaboration centered around the sale of a cutting-edge copper wire recycling machine, capable of processing 100-150kg of copper wire per hour. This remarkable machine utilized electrostatic separation technology, a groundbreaking alternative to traditional air separators, to efficiently extract copper wire from plastic. The purchase was made after the customer discovered our company through a compelling advertisement on Facebook, sparking his interest in our recycled products.

During initial communications on the social media platform, the Finnish customer disclosed that he possessed a collection of scrap wires and miscellaneous cables. Given his limited experience in the recycling industry and the relatively small quantity of materials he had, our knowledgeable salesman recommended the copper wire recycling machine that best suited his requirements. Through video communication, our team highlighted the machine's capabilities and assured the customer that it would effectively process his materials, meeting his expectations.

The chosen copper wire recycling machine integrated an electrostatic separator, a cutting-edge innovation that significantly improved the separation rate of copper wire and plastic. Unlike conventional air separators, which rely on air flow to separate the materials, electrostatic separators employ an entirely different mechanism. By utilizing the principles of electrostatic charge, the machine achieved remarkable precision in separating even the finest copper and aluminum wires. This breakthrough technology not only ensured a higher separation rate but also enhanced the overall efficiency of the recycling process.

In March 2022, the Finnish customer eagerly purchased the recommended copper wire recycling machine. With its ability to process 100-150kg of copper wire per hour, the machine promised to meet the customer's production demands effectively. Furthermore, the electrostatic separator, known for its unparalleled precision, ensured the recovery of extremely fine copper and aluminum wires, contributing to the overall efficiency and sustainability of the recycling process.

As per our standard operating procedure, the copper wire recycling machine underwent rigorous testing before delivery to the customer. Ensuring its functionality and reliability were of utmost importance to us. After a successful month-long testing period, the machine was shipped from our facility in China and promptly installed in the customer's factory in Finland.


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