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200-300kg/h PCB Dismantling and Recycling Machine Arrives in India

A month ago, a pivotal phone call reached our company, The caller, a manager of a small recycling factory in India, expressed a keen interest in finding a solution for recycling electronic components, circuit boards, and related materials. We promptly connected with the customer on WhatsApp and engaged in an enlightening exchange. Our dedicated staff provided a comprehensive product catalog to assist the customer in gaining a deeper understanding of our company's offerings. Throughout the process, our sales team maintained excellent communication, ensuring prompt responses to any inquiries that arose.

Upon further discussions, the customer expressed a desire to witness the machine's capabilities firsthand. Accordingly, the customer dispatched materials from India for testing purposes. As soon as the materials reached our facility, we wasted no time and began conducting a trial run of the machine, documenting the entire process in a video. We swiftly shared the video with the customer, who was immensely pleased with the results. Impressed by the machine's performance, the customer promptly placed an order for our medium-sized PCB recycler, capable of processing an impressive 200-300 kilograms of PCBs per hour.

Our cutting-edge PCB dismantling and recycling machine encompasses two integral components. The first is a state-of-the-art PCB disassembler, designed to expertly remove electronic components from PCB boards. The second component is the PCB recycling line, which employs advanced technology to pulverize PCB boards, effectively separating the valuable copper metal from the resin fiber. With the successful delivery and pickup of the ordered machine, our customer can now commence their recycling operations promptly. We remain committed to providing ongoing support and guidance, keenly attentive to our customer's usage experience.


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