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Successful Sale of 1T/H PCB Boards Recycling Machine to South Africa

Our company recently received a message from a customer in South Africa expressing their interest in our products. Firstly, the business owner explained that their materials consisted of electronic components, circuit boards, and other related items. Eager to assist, our staff promptly contacted the customer to understand their specific requirements and provide the necessary information.

After browsing through our product catalog, the customer identified our recycled PCB products as an ideal fit for their factory. Our PCB circuit board recycling machine is specifically designed to recycle various types of scrap circuit boards, including those from computers, mobile phones, televisions, and other electronic devices. It effectively separates the metal and non-metal components, making it a valuable resource for waste management. Moreover, the machine boasts a high cost-efficiency ratio, ensuring a quick return on investment.

Since the customer required assistance in making a specific choice, our sales manager engaged in detailed discussions with them through WhatsApp. We provided comprehensive information about our factory and products, addressing all their concerns and queries. By understanding their product requirements, budget, and material considerations, our sales team developed a customized solution that perfectly aligned with the customer's needs.

Ultimately, the customer decided to purchase a large-scale PCB recycling machine capable of processing 1 ton of waste PCB boards per hour. This efficient machine utilizes processes such as shredding, crushing, iron removal, air separation, and electrostatic separation to separate copper metal from resin fiber. With dimensions of length width height 25m x 15m x 4.5m, and the total power of 285kW, the machine was set to cover the necessary area at the customer's factory. Following successful field trials, we arranged for the machine to be delivered from China to their facility in South Africa.

Our company, Sure Origin Group, takes pride in being a leading and professional manufacturer in the field of rubber waste recycling and electronic waste recycling machines. With 17 years of experience, we have established dedicated departments for research and development, international and national market operations, production, and after-sales service. Our running machines in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, and Anyang City, Henan, China, serve as testaments to our commitment to excellence. We extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in visiting our running machines to witness their performance firsthand.


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